Assets Library

To make the creation process faster, easier and more intuitive, we have developed our own library of ready-made assets. For quick orientation, we collect them by themes and usage.

For example, in the 3D Models folder, you are offered ready-made models that can be used in prototyping: architecture, characters, furniture, medicine, nature, etc.

The second folder contains 3D Primitives - various simple figures.

The third folder has Procedural Primitives - flexible assets to create a lot of shapes. You can get more info about them and their properties here - Shape Tool, Object Inspector.

The fourth tab will be useful for creating different UI content, here we have added ready-made samples of icons, lines, grids, etc.

The My Files tab contains your own resources that can be added through the Dashboard. Read more about importing here.

How to spawn objects from the Library

To use any of these assets grab it with the grip button, pull out to the space, then release the grip button.

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