ShapesXR is a collaborative design tool for remote XR teams to brainstorm and ideate in Mixed Reality, do rapid prototyping, share instantly with team members, and co-edit in real-time.

ShapesXR brings teams together seamlessly:

  • Create effortlessly with other users on any plan, whether free or paid, and with varying permissions.

  • Break down distance barriers and work harmoniously from different corners of the world.

How to join a collaboration

To join a collaborative session users need to have access to the same space. Users in the same project have access to all the spaces in that project. You can also share the space via the space code or link in the Dashboard and the VR app.

Simply share the space code or link with your teammates, and they can input it in their Dashboard or VR app and join you in the space.

You can get more information about sharing spaces via the VR app and Dashboard.

Avatars and appearance

In a collaborative session, you can see each user's avatar (if set in Oculus) or headset, along with a label displaying their name and the current stage number.

Avatars will be hidden in certain situations to help with user comfort and safety:

  • When users are close to each other.

  • When they are on different scales.

Avatars of users who are not on the same stage as you are will be highlighted in blue.

You can click on the other user's stage label to teleport to this stage.

Undo/Redo in a collaborative session

When collaborating, you can only Undo and Redo actions that have been made by you.

Audio settings for a collaborative session

You can hear all users in a space by default.

If you don't want other users to hear you, you can mute yourself using the mic button on the non-dominant controller or in the secondary menu (Controllers Layout and Menus & Tools).

Also, you can change the sound propagation distance to hear only those users who are closer. Get more details here.

Limits and recommendations

Due to performance limitations, the number of users in a collaborative session should not exceed 15-20 users.

We recommend ensuring a stable Internet connection for uninterrupted work in the collaboration session.

Elevate your collaboration experience with ShapesXR!

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