Performance limitations


We recommend up to 8 people in the same space creating and communicating. There’s no hard limit on the maximum number of people in space, but you may see a drop in performance or have audio issues starting at about 12 people in space with you.

Space complexity

It's up to you how complex your spaces are. We don't limit. The frame rate will go below 70 (and become unpleasant) if you have too many objects or the objects are too high-poly.

To make sure the performance is fine, we recommend having no more than 100 unique objects per stage, 300 unique objects per space, and up to 3000 objects total per space including duplicates. The maximum amount of stages per space is 25.

In our projects (from examples to prototypes), we aim to have no more than 300 000 polygons per stage. For example, If an imported object has 10 000 polygons, we keep no more than 30 of its copies in a stage. The same applies to strokes (something you can draw), the longest, most complex stroke (where it stops drawing automatically) will be around 10 000 polygons—so it’s better to have no more than 30 of them per stage.


Learn about import and its limitations here.

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