Room-scale collaboration

Co-located collaboration using shared spatial anchors

If you want to collaborate in Mixed Reality with people at the same physical location, you can start a room-scale collaboration session! This will sync your space between all co-located users who join.

Important: before you start using this feature, please enable Share point cloud data in Oculus Settings -> Privacy -> Device Permissions.

To start a room-scale collaboration you need to:

  1. Go to the Passthrough & Mixed Reality menu.

  2. Activate and setup Room-scale mode (you can read about it here).

  3. Press the "Share" button and wait for the room to be uploaded.

Now, anyone in the same physical location and space can download your room anchor and join you in Mixed Reality. (Please note that you both must be in the ShapesXR space when they join, otherwise, they won’t be able to download your shared anchor).

To join a room-scale collaboration:

  1. Make sure you’re co-located in the same location and join the space.

  2. Once go to the Passthrough & Mixed Reality menu and press "Join". Your avatars will sync with your real-world positions automatically.

The user who shares a room can edit offset and these changes are seen by everyone who joins the room. For users who don’t share a room offset changes are seen only by them.

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