How to embed spaces

You can embed space into the other platforms - it will be opened in view-only mode like when you open spaces in a browser.

Available for: free and paid plans

To embed a space, follow these steps:

  1. Open the space actions and click on the Share button.

  1. Click on the Embed button.

  1. Now, you can:

  • Copy the embed code.

  • Define the starting Stage and Viewpoint.

  • Set your preferred embed size or set it as responsive.

  1. Paste the embed code into the desired platform.

For example, you can embed your space into Notion in two ways:

  • start writing "/embed", click on the Embed option, and paste the embed code

  • copy the space link in the Share menu, paste it into Notion, and choose "create embed"

Use the ShapesXR button to open this space on the Dashboard and the Share button to get a link to this space. This link is also accessible in the Share menu on the Dashboard and can be used as a visual link on social media.

Embedding a space is a convenient way to showcase your space to individuals without ShapesXR accounts.

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