Uploading and using your assets

You can import the following types of files into Shapes:

  • PNG and JPG for images.

  • OBJ, GLB and glTF for 3D models.

  • Figma files.

To import your models and images, upload them through the Dashboard (here) using your computer or phone. Upon successful uploading, assets appear in ShapesXR immediately in the import tab of the Creation Tool.

Uploading assets through Dashboard

  1. Open the shapes.app page in your browser using your computer or phone.

  2. Sign in with your ShapesXR account.

  3. Drag & drop or use the Upload button to locate your model and image files on shapes.app/import.

File management (Folders) (Paid plans)

File management helps to structure and organize a large number of files for faster work on your prototypes. Our paid plans include the ability to create folders and manage your assets in VR and in the shapes.app web panel.

Placing an asset in VR in your space

After you’ve successfully uploaded your assets through the Dashboard:

  1. Open ShapesXR.

  2. Go to any space.

  3. Open the menu.

  4. Select Creation Tool.

  5. Choose the Import tab.

  1. There are two methods you can use to place assets in your space:

  • 1. Hover over an asset in the list of the import tab and grab it with the Grip button (using this technique will insert the object into your space at a scale and rotation in relation to the user's size.)

  • 2. Hover over an asset in the list of the import tab and press the Trigger button to open the Preview window. Choose settings for your asset: scale, rotation and others. Your model will appear at the center point of the scene. In order to preview your model from an appropriate view point, press the magnifying glass icon. Hover over the asset in the Preview window, grab it with the Grip button, and drag it into the scene. Or press the Spawn button to spawn this model in the center of the space. (This is useful for importing environment models.) An asset imported into spaces in the above way will retain the custom settings you chose.

Read about the functionality of the Preview window:

pagePreview window

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