Uploading and using your assets

You can import the following types of files into Shapes:

  • PNG and JPG for images.

  • OBJ, GLB, and glTF (as ZIP) for 3D models.

  • Figma files.

  • MP3 and WAV for sounds.

How to upload your files

3D models, images, sounds

  1. Sign in with your Shapes account in the Dashboard

  2. Go to the My Files section

  3. Drag & drop your files or use the Upload button to load needed files to the cloud storage.

Figma files

How to add a Figma token

If you are using Figma Integration for the first time, you need to add a Figma account token.

Copy the token in Figma, then go to the Dashboard -> Profile -> Integration tab -> Add Figma token to sync -> paste the token to the field and sync it.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to find the token in Figma in this video:

Sometimes the token needs to be refreshed, so if you're having trouble loading Figma files, revoke the token and sync it again.

How to upload Figma files

Once you add a Figma token, you can upload Figma files using their links.

  1. Copy the link to the frame in Figma you want to import. There is a video tutorial on how to get the Figma link:

  1. Go to the Dashboard -> My Files, click on the Upload button, and choose Figma import. Paste the link in the field and press Import.

How to update Figma files

Click on the Figma file to select it, additional options for Figma files will be available:

  • Sync - allows you to update the file with the changes you've made in Figma.

  • Edit link - for changing the link to the file in Figma.

  • Open in Figma - opens the file in Figma.

Working with files in the Dashboard

Click on any file so the options will be shown - you can download, duplicate, rename, and remove your recourses.

To completely delete any file or clean the storage, be sure that files are also deleted from the Trash.

File management (Folders) (Paid plans)

Create folders and manage your assets in the app and the Dashboard.

Working with files in VR

After you’ve successfully uploaded your files through the Dashboard you can use them in VR:

  1. Open the Shapes app.

  2. Go to any space.

  3. Open the Hand menu > Assets Library > My Files.

Hover over an asset in the list and grab it with the grip button to set it in the space.

Preview window

Click on the imported resource with the trigger to open the preview window.

You can grab your asset from the preview and set it in the space.

3D Model preview

For models, you can set the scale and spawn the model with this scale in the center of the space.

Image/Figma preview

For images and Figma files, you can set transparency (modes are different for jpeg and png/Figma files because of the alpha-channel specifics), scale by distance (UI), and distance. Figma files preview has the Sync button, that allows to refresh the selected Figma file.

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