How to move

To move through the space press and hold the grip button on your non-dominant controller.

You can move one hand after the other - start with the non-dominant grip button and then hold the dominant grip button to continue moving.

How to rotate

By holding both grip buttons you can rotate your view. Move the controllers in a circle while keeping the controllers opposite to each other.

How to scale

By holding both grip buttons you can scale your view relative to the scene. When you move the controllers closer together or farther apart, the scale of the scene will change relative to your viewpoint.


Turning on the Teleportation Tool

To activate the Teleportation tool, tilt the stick up til the Teleportation tool is activated.

Press the Trigger button on your controller to teleport to the destination you’re pointing at.

Teleportation to viewpoints

You can point to any viewpoint to teleport to it.


You can rotate yourself by tilting the stick left or right.

Disable Teleportation Tool

To disable the Teleportation tool, tilt the stick down.

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