Room-scale mode

Room-scale mode allows you to create persistent content on top of the real world. Once you align your virtual objects to your room, it will stay locked to that point even when you come back in another session. This is a great way to design augmented and mixed reality experiences. You can also work with other people in the same physical room and content will be in the same place for everyone.

How to activate Room-scale mode

Go to the Space menu -> Scene tab -> 3 dots menu -> Setup Roomscale mode. Or go to the Settings -> Spatial Anchor mode -> Settings blue button.

If you haven't set up the physical space yet you will have only one button available - Set up a new physical space. Click on it to set up the space in your headset, and then you will return to the app.

Click on Enter Spatial Anchor mode to activate it.

If you can't activate the Room-scale mode on this step, make sure there is only one physical space set up in your headset. Go to the Oculus Settings -> Physical space -> Space setup to reach the list of your spaces.

Also, you can reset the space and make a new one.

Align the virtual world with the physical world

If your content isn't exactly where you want it, you can edit the offset of the virtual space in the physical world.

After pressing the Align button, hold both grip buttons on your controllers to adjust the position and rotation of the space in the real world.

Use the Height shift slider to change the floor leveling of your space.

After you have configured the position of the virtual space in the physical space, click the Done button.

Room mesh

We visualize the walls and objects of the physical space you've configured in your headset. You can hide and show Physical space mesh visualization using the "Show physical space mesh" toggle.

Dollhouse mode

While in Room-scale mode, you can go into Dollhouse mode to edit your space from a more convenient position.

To do this, start changing your scale using the Grip buttons on both controllers. While holding those buttons pressed, bring your hands together to change your scale.

To return to the original position you've configured, click on the "Back to 1:1 scale" button.

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