Text Tool

Call the Toolbar (A/X button) and choose the Text Tool. In the opened menu you can set font size, aligning, font type, and color of the future text. You can change these options before or even while creating your text.

How to create text

Create text in your space by holding the trigger button and marking a text area. After you release the trigger button, the keyboard will appear. Type your text on the keyboard and click on the Accept button.

You can grab the keyboard by the special handle on the bottom using the trigger and move it to any convenient location in your scene.

To resize the Text box grab and drag the blue handles.

You can also add text on any surface. Bring the cursor to the surface, when the circle appears, hold the trigger and mark a text area.

How to edit text

Select the text with the Select Tool and trigger button to open the Object Inspector and change this text's properties such as text type and size, aligning, position, color, and text itself.

Click on the Text field so the keyboard appears and you can edit your text. Click on Submit on the keyboard to apply changes.

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