To import your models and images, upload them through Dashboard (here) using your computer or phone. Upon successful uploading, assets appear in ShapesXR immediately in the import tab of the Creation Tool.
For textures to be included with models, it’s important to upload OBJs with MTLs and all of the associated images.



3D models

OBJ with JPG and PNG textures. It’s important to include MTL files that come with OBJ models.
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Limits of import

Soft limits for images and textures
Up to 1MB and 1024x1024px.
Soft limits for models
Up to 10 000 vertices, and 3 materials per model with textures under 1024x1024px.
Hard limits for images
10MB per image and up to 2K (images compress automatically)
Hard limits for models
Up to 10MB, 100 000 vertices, and 32 submeshes
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