Free or Paid

Shapes is FREE to download and offers a wide variety of tools and features and is ideal for individuals who want to get started with spatial designs. This also means that you will have a maximum of 3 spaces with the ability to edit, whether they are owned by you or shared with you. Once you reach the limit, you have a few options:

  • delete one of your spaces

  • leave a space that was shared with you

  • reach out to us for a Team plan


  • Rest assured that if someone invites you to collaborate on their space and you have exceeded the limit, you will still be able to view and comment on that space.

  • If you had more than 3 editable spaces before this new limitation was implemented (release date), for example, 3 of your own and 2 shared with you, you’ll keep editing rights for those spaces.

To harness the full potential of Shapes we recommend checking out the Team plan. This gives you access to unlimited spaces, more capabilities when importing and managing your assets as well as your projects, and access by your team members. Shapes is enterprise-ready and compliant with the highest security standards. We are compliant with SOC 2 and all traffic and data are double-encrypted. Access to your valuable assets and projects is safely managed with an admin dashboard to set the team's role and permissions.

For more information make sure to check the Plans page.

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