Free or Paid

ShapesXR is available both for free users and for organizations.

For free, you can use:

  • Wide range of design tools:

- Objects & Images

- Color tool & Materials

- Text tool

- Drawing

- Gizmo

  • Export projects

  • Import assets and files with a full set of formats - obj, png, jpg, glb, glTF/zip

  • Unlimited collaboration sessions

  • Prototyping in 1:1 and passthrough mode

  • Up to 3 spaces with the ability to edit, whether they are owned by you or shared with you. Once you reach the limit, you have a few options:

- delete one of your spaces

- leave a space that was shared with you

- reach out to us for a Team plan


  • Rest assured that if someone invites you to collaborate on their space and you have exceeded the limit, you will still be able to view and comment on that space.

  • If you had more than 3 editable spaces before this new limitation was implemented (release date), for example, 3 of your own and 2 shared with you, you’ll keep editing rights for those spaces.

But with Paid versions, you and your team will open a new level for collaborating and prototyping without limitation with editable spaces and many other bonuses. See all differences on the Plans page.

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