Sharing spaces via app/web

You can easily share spaces with other users by providing them with the space code or the space link.

Via app

How to get a Space Code:

  • While in a space, access the Collaboration menu and then go to the Share tab.

  • In the Lobby, open the Space menu and choose Share.

Using a Space Code:

  • In the Lobby, click on the “Join Space” button and enter the code.

Via web

How to get a Space Code/Link:

  • In the Dashboard, open a specific space and click on the Share button.

  • In the Dashboard within the list of spaces, select a space, open the menu, and click on Share.

Using a Space Code:

  • In the “Spaces” section of the Dashboard, click “Join Space” and enter the code. After adding a space through the Dashboard, you will also see this space in VR. In addition, you can open the space in VR by simply clicking on the “Open in VR” button in the Dashboard.

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