In the lobby, you can create, join & manage spaces, change your name, subscribe, and access tutorials.

Navigate with the stick to search and view spaces and tutorials.

Name and avatar

You can change your name at any time by clicking on the button above the visualization of your avatar. Each user is assigned a different avatar color so that you can distinguish each other in collaborative sessions. The avatar color is assigned automatically.

Gallery: examples and templates you can modify and build upon.

My Spaces: all of the spaces you created.

Shared with me: spaces that were shared with you, if you ever entered an access code or followed a link and accepted space invitation.

Create & Join

To create a space, click the create button at the bottom of the section. A new empty space will be created

if you click on the Join button, a window for entering the code will open. The entrance to the shared space will occur automatically after checking the code.

Return to lobby

The return button will appear if you go to the lobby during the creation process. It allows you to return back to the current space

Interaction with spaces

When you hover the pointer over the space preview, its code and three dots appear, clicking on it will open the submenu.

When duplicated, the space appears in My spaces.

When you delete your own spaces, they are deleted permanently. This is especially important to consider if you have shared your space with someone.

When a space is removed from shared, the space is removed only from your personal list.

Current version and subscription

Below, under the avatar visualization, you can find the version number. If you click on it, a window with subscription dialog will appear.

Tutorial: Lobby in ShapesXR

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