Available for: paid plans

Scene Sync

Scene Sync mode allows users to synchronize their scenes, ensuring everyone is on the same scene. Everyone controls the navigation and can edit the scene.

Go to the Collaboration menu, Present tab, and click on Start Scene Sync.

Every online user in the space will get a notification that Scene Sync has started.

Everyone who joins this mode will be synchronized on the same scene. Anybody can change the scene and the rest of the participants will magically follow.


Presentation mode allows the Presenter to control the scene navigation. The participants cannot edit the scene and navigate independently.

As the Presenter

Go to the Collaboration menu -> Present tab. There are available options you can adjust before starting the Presentation:

  • Mute everyone - all participants will be muted (they can unmute themselves).

  • Show avatars - deactivate this toggle if you don't want to see participants' avatars.

  • Audience position - you can choose the initial position for participants.

Click on Start presentation to start it - the audience will be teleported to the selected position.

Only the Presenter can stop the presentation. If the Presenter leaves the space, it stops automatically.

As a participant

Once the presentation starts you will be moved to the initial position chosen by the Presenter, and your menu and navigation will be locked. You can mute/unmute yourself and go to the Lobby.

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