With snapping you can place objects more accurately on a world grid or surfaces of other objects.

To activate the snapping press the Grid button while holding an object or go to the Select tool menu or Settings and choose the snapping mode.

Snapping modes

There are 3 snapping modes - World mode, Object mode, and All.

You can change the grid size to be more accurate.

World mode

Use the World Mode to snap objects to the world grid.

Object mode

Use the Object Mode to snap an object to another object. Bring an object close to another object and you will see the points you can snap to.

How to draw straight lines

You can use the Draw tool with active snapping to draw straight lines or connect objects with lines.

Snapping to the surface

Grab an object, place it near the surface of another object or floor so the circle helper appears, and press the Magnet button on your controller to snap the object to the surface. You can press the button again to rotate the object on the surface. Then release the trigger button.

You can snap to the surface any time even if snapping is off

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