In this menu, you can adjust environment settings, including the intensity of light, position of the sun, shadows, and the distance at which you can hear other users.

Passthrough sky

Passthrough sky (permanent passthrough rendering) allows you always see your real space instead of the sky.


You can change the intensity of the light, the position of the sun, and shadows intensity in your space. Turn off shadows by setting the shadow intensity slider to zero.

The GIF below demonstrates how to cast shadows on a real object in your room. You can achieve this by creating a plane using a cube asset and applying a passthrough material to it.


You can set the maximum distance at which you can hear other users in the space. It is infinite by default, allowing you to hear every user in the space without any limitations.

While manipulating the slider, you will observe a sphere representing the sound propagation distance. You will be able to hear all users inside this sphere and won't be able to hear users outside of it.

The sound setting is a shared setting for the space. Anyone with editor permission can control it, and it applies to everyone.

This short video below illustrates how spatial sound works in ShapesXR.

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