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ShapesXR 1.0 vs Shapes 2.0

Shapes 2.0 is here. If you have an important meeting and you don’t have time to explore it right now, no stress. For the next several weeks you can revert back to Shapes 1.0 Find ShapesXR on the Meta Quest store, scroll down to Version number, and in the drop-down menu switch to Shapes 1.0 build, just like it is shown on this screenshot.

Spaces created in the new version of Shapes 2.0 may partially open incorrectly in the old version. This may affect new assets that are only available in the new version, as well as some new types of interactivity triggers. You should avoid using presentation mode if users in the space use different versions of the application. For presentation modes to work correctly, everyone should be using the same versions.

Tutorials and onboarding

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