Shared files (BETA)

Available for: paid plans

In ShapesXR, you have the capability to share files within your team. You can share any type of files that can be uploaded to Shapes - OBJ, glTF, GLB, PNG, JPEG, and Figma. Each project in your organization includes a new tab called "Shared files", enabling you to utilize common files inside the spaces of that project.

The Shared Files tab is restricted to project admins and editors, who have the ability to add and remove files.

There are two methods to share files:

  • Upload directly to the folder using drag-and-drop or the Upload button.

  • Move files from your personal files (My files tab) (you can do it in both the Dashboard and the app).

To move a file from your personal files to the shared files, navigate to the My Files tab, select the desired file, click the Move button, and choose the project to which you want the file to be assigned.

You can also move, rename, and remove files in the app.

Furthermore, you can transfer files from a shared folder to your private files (My files) as long as you own the file you want to transfer.

Shared files can be organized using folders. Additionally, each project features a Trash bin where removed assets are initially stored. These assets remain visible within spaces until the Trash bin is emptied.

For more information on file size limitations or available formats, please refer to

The storage for shared files varies depending on the plan: 5 GB per project for the Team plan and 10 GB per project for the Enterprise plan.

Video tutorial: Shared files

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