What formats are available to use in Shapes?

  • PNG and JPG for images.

  • OBJ, GLB and glTF for 3D models.

  • Figma files

Why did my OBJ model load without textures?

Make sure you load your OBL with MTL file and texture files in one upload.

Check your MTL file. Open your MTL file using the notepad app. The line that starts with “map_Kd” should contain only the name of the texture, and not the path to it. If it has a path, remove it and save your MTL file before uploading.

Why my OBJ model has bug geometry?

Your model has a lot of materials and sub meshes. You should split the model by materials (submesh) and upload the model in separate parts.

I want to upload a model with a transparent texture. How to make the texture on the model transparent?

After importing your model into space, assign it a material with alpha lower than 0.98 using the Color tool.

How do I optimize my models for VR?

If your model has multiple textures and materials, we recommend combining the textures and materials into one texture and one material. This helps solve many potential issues. Models with fewer materials work better in mobile graphics. It is critical to make one texture and material for OBJ format. But for glTF or GLB formats, we also recommend minimizing the number of materials and textures.

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