How to add Interactivity

You can add interactivity from the Prototyping menu (Interactions tab) or from the Object Inspector (Interactions tab). Click on the Add button and choose the needed trigger and action.

The list of available triggers:

  • on click

  • on hover

  • on touch

  • on button

  • scene enter

  • after delay

The list of available actions:

  • go to scene

  • go to viewpoint

  • play haptic

  • look at

After you choose the required interaction, you need to select the object in your scene you want to assign that interactivity - click on the Target button and select the object. Now, when you hover over this interactivity in the list you'll the line to the target object.

How to use Interactivity

To make the interactivity work you need to activate the Play mode. You can do so by pressing on the non-dominant stick.

In the Play mode, you can't edit your scene, you can switch stages and viewpoints using sticks on the controllers and interact with the objects via interactivity.

How to change the input mode

You can interact with objects in the Play mode in two ways:

  • Controllers raycast.

  • Eye gaze and hand pinch.

To change the input mode go to the Settings menu, Prototyping section and choose the needed option from the Input mode list.

In case you are using Gaze & Pinch mode, please make sure the Hand tracking and Eye tracking (only for Quest Pro) are enabled in the Oculus settings (Settings -> Movement Tracking -> Hand and Body Tracking).

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