How to prototype with sounds

Uploading your sounds

Upload your sound file via the Dashboard (learn more about uploading files here)

Prototyping with sounds

In Shapes, you can prototype with sounds using the Interactivity system. You can do it in both the app and Web Editor.

  1. Open the Prototyping tab in the menu.

  2. Add a new interaction and choose the trigger or condition you need for this interaction.

  3. Choose Play Sound action.

  4. Click on the Sound file button to select the sound.

  5. In the opened window, you can see all the sound files you have uploaded into Shapes. Click on the Sound icon in the center of the file preview to play the sound.

  6. To choose the sound click on it - the blue frame will appear around it. Confirm selection with a blue button at the bottom.

  7. You can set the volume, select the sound emitter if you want it to spatialize, or loop the sound.

  8. Save the interactivity using the Checkmark button at the top of the window.

To use this interactivity go to the app and activate the Play Mode by pressing on the non-dominant stick, then activate this interactivity according to the chosen trigger - the sound starts to play.

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