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Basic manipulation


To select an object just hover over and press the select button ✔ with your thumb.


To use this type of selection you need to activate Selection tool or hold the trigger on the non-dominant hand for quick access to the multi-select mode.

Select multiple objects with the trigger. There are 4 modes of multi-selection. Select them by shifting your stick to the left or to the right.

Lasso. Hold the trigger and draw a line through all objects that you want to select

Line, Sphere, Cube. Those can be useful in different circumstances: selecting objects in a row with the line selection, all objects on the floor with the cube or objects placed in a circular area with the sphere.

Grab and Move

To grab an object press and hold the grip on the left or right controller. The object will follow your hand as long as your hold the grip.

After moving an object you will see a "wireframe" appear in its original position. This allows you to snap back the object where it was.


To delete, just grab an object and throw it away.


To duplicate, hold the left or right grip to grab an object and press the Duplication button on the controller.


You can scale objects while holding them by shifting the stick.

Tutorial: Creation and Deletion of objects

Tutorial: Selection in ShapesXR

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