To make sure everyone who is in space with you is looking at a piece of content that you show from a certain point of view and a certain stage we added an ability to use a presentation feature.

A presenter has full control on the flow. For participants all creation tools and menus are disabled. The main feature of this mode is the possibility to guide other users from stage to stage, viewpoint to viewpoint, so you have complete control on the audience and what they will see

As a Presentor

In the Share panel go to a presentation tab, where you can check how other users will see your space from each viewpoint and stage.

To Start a presentation just click on a Start button, so everyone in the space will get a pop-up with notification. To jump from stage to stage or between viewpoints use the main navigation panel.

Audience will be teleported to the first viewpoint in the scene. Their scale and movements will be locked. Also you can control the audio of the participants, but at every moment they can mute-unmute themselves too.

As a presenter you can stop the presentation and everybody is left on the stage and position they ended with (not the initial state)

Participant view and features

As a presentation participant, every time a presentation is started or you enter the presentation space, you will see a pop-up information window. You will also be notified when the presentation is over.

The presentation panel for the participant is inactive, except for the mute\unmute button. Also you can use the main mute\unmute feature in the additional menu or on your non-dominant controller.

The presentation panel for the participant is inactive, except for the mute\unmute toggle. To use the raise hand function, press the corresponding button on the controller and the presenter will see your reaction.

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