Projects are useful when it comes to working within teams. This feature is available in paid plans of ShapesXR.

Use Dashboard to manage projects and their members.


Projects live within an organization. An organization can have multiple admins who can invite other admins, create new projects, delete projects, and manage people in those projects.


Think of projects as a directory with shared spaces. Any project member (a user added to the project) can see and open spaces in a project. Members with the Editor role can also add and change spaces in the project.

You can have access to multiple projects and have different roles in those projects.

Only organization admins can create, rename, and delete projects.

To create a new project an organization admin should:

1) Go to Projects in Dashboard

2) Press "+ New project"

To rename a project an organization admin should:

1) Open a project's page

2) Press the "rename" icon

To delete a project an organization admin should:

1) Open a project's page

2) Press the "..." button

3) Press the "Delete project" button


Each project has a list of members with different roles.

If you are a project member with an Editor role or an organization admin, you can invite new members to a project.

1) ask your colleagues to go to the Dashboard and associate their emails with their accounts. They will be prompted to add an email when they sign in to the dashboard for the first time.

2) Go to the "Members" section in a project, press "Invite" and enter an email associated with the user's account.


There are 3 roles in any project: viewers, commenters, and editors.

  • Viewers can only view spaces.

  • Commenters can only comment in spaces. Commenting means drawing with strokes and adding a limited amount of assets to spaces.

  • Editors can change anything in any space within the project. Editors can also invite new members, remove members, and change their roles.

Seats (Licenses)

A seat gives the ability to edit spaces within projects. Seats are tied to Editor roles. As soon as a member becomes an editor in a project, a seat is attached to their account.

If the Editor role lifts from that person then the seat gets unassigned from the user as well.

Software permissions and roles scheme

The following diagram describes the logic for managing your projects in the ShapesXR Team & Enterprise Plans. The workflow will change depending on the interface being used (Dashboard or App). However, both are synchronized constituting a unified ecosystem.

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