Same page mode

In Shapes, the Stages system is one of its most powerful tools for prototyping user flows. During the editing process, it’s advantageous that each user can be on a different stage and work independently.

However, when it comes to presenting or discussing your designs, this flexibility can become a drawback. To address this, we’ve introduced the Same page mode. This feature allows users to synchronize their stages, ensuring everyone is on the same page. By using Same page mode, you won’t have to worry about losing track of each other in the vast design space.

Everyone who toggles this mode will be synchronized on the same stage/slide of your scene. Anybody can change the stage and the rest of the participants will magically follow. This feature is available to Team and Enterprise clients only.

Enable the Same page mode

Any user (if they have rights) can press the button to enable the mode. If before that there is no one on the Same page mode, then nothing happens for them - they remain at their stage.

If after that another user presses the button and switches to the Same page mode, then if they are on another stage, they will be redirected to the stage where users with activated mode are. Anyone who joins the Same page mode is transferred to the stage that the members of the Same page mode are in.

Switching stages in the Same page mode

Any user who is in the Same page mode can switch the stage, and the stage will be switched for all other users who are also in the Same page mode. There is no main presenter in this mode.

Play mode in the Same page mode

The transition to the PLAY mode is synchronized.

Avatars appearance

When a user has the mode enabled, the blue icon is displayed below their name:

When the user has the mode turned off, the white icon is displayed below their name:

Panel with online users

When you hover over the Same Page Mode button, a plate appears, which shows how many people out of all online users are in this mode. If you click on this plate using the trigger button on the controller, a panel with all online users will open. Users who have the mode enabled have a blue dot. When hovering over a username, information will appear whether this user is in this mode.

Teleportation to any user

Hover in the panel with users on the name of a user to which you want to teleport. "Teleport to user" button will appear on the right. Press the button using the trigger button on your controller and you will be teleported directly to that user.

Quick jump to a user's stage

There is also an additional function that allows you to jump quickly to the stage in which a specific user is located without switching to the mode.

When you are near a user, hover over the stage number above them and press the trigger button on your controller.

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