Menus & Tools

To activate the tool menu, press the button on the non-dominant hand. Point at the tool icon and it will be activated and the submenu will open (optional).

Main Tool Menu

Selection Tool + Gizmo. Activate this tool to interact with objects and to work with Gizmo modes.

Creation Tool + Import. To create or draw with objects from the library. This is also where your imported objects are stored.

Drawing Tool. Here you can find different brushes for painting and creating.

Text Tool. To create and edit text.

Colors & Materials. Set of basic colors and materials.

Camera & Viewpoints. Set up viewpoints and take photos.

Locker Tool. To lock and unlock models.

Additional menu

Sharing. Share your space with others with auto-generated code.

Export. Export to gTLF / USDz and Unity.

Environment setting. Sun position and intensity.

Passthrough Mode. New feature to start adding digital content to your real-world environment.

General settings. Comfort mode (Tunnel vision), Dominant hand set up, Floor Grid, Snapping

Mute & Unmute.

Back to Lobby. Go to Lobby with spaces you have.

Tutorial: Tips in ShapesXR

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