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Viewpoints & Play mode

To review and present your projects from a certain point of view, we have Viewpoints and Play mode.
You can also take photos (screenshots) with this tool. Read more about making photos here.

Create Viewponts

To create a new viewpoint, just grab it and put on the scene with the grip button.

Switching between viewpoints

Switch between viewpoints with the arrows on the panel. Check the preview window on the right.



Play Mode

Press the stick on your non-dominant controller and you will be immersed in the ViewPoint. This mode allows you to represent how the scene will look to the users from different points of view, your scale will be locked and all tools will be disabled.
For seamless teleportation and swift viewpoint switching, utilize the dominant controller’s stick, and for stage transitions, use the non-dominant controller’s stick.

Tutorial: ViewPoints

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