Objects & images

Creation Tool includes packs of assets and imported models & images.

Dragging out

To drag out an asset, grab it with your grip and pull out. Grabbed asset will adjust their scale relative to your size in space, but it's possible to change the scale while you're holding the object by shifting the stick.

Creation modes

Use the trigger to draw objects. It works by first selecting an object with the rigger button and then holding the trigger button and moving the controller in space.

You can switch between proportional and not proportional scale by shifting the stick while drawing.


Read about import here in more details.

Hover over any model or image from the list to see a popup menu for deleting or placing the asset at the center of your space.

Drag out assets from the menu to place them.

For PNG, after dragging them out, there is a special menu for choosing a transparency mode. To change transparency mode, simply select the PNG on the space via ✓ button (image should be the only selected object on the scene).

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