Open the Main Tool menu (by pressing the Y\B button on a controller), and select the Text Tool using the Trigger button.

Text creation

Create text in your space by holding the Trigger button and marking a text area. After you have marked the text area and released the Trigger button, the keyboard will appear.

Text creation on any surface

You can also add text on any surface. Bring the cursor to the surface, when the circle appears, hold the trigger and mark a text area.

Grabbing the keyboard

You can grab the keyboard by the handle using the grip button and move it to any convenient location in your scene.


Type your text on the keyboard by hovering over a character and pressing the Trigger button.

Editing text area

With the grip button, grab and drag the blue handles on the sides of the text area to resize your text box.

"Accept" button

After you have typed your text, click the "Accept" button on the keyboard by pressing the trigger button.

Editing existing text

To edit existing text, hover over it and press the trigger button.

Text tool panel

While editing text, you can apply different sizes, alignments, styles, and color settings through the toolbar. Interact with the panel using the Trigger button on your dominant hand.

The specified settings on the panel will be applied to the new text that you create.

Font size:

Before any text is created, the default font size is Auto. This means the text size will be determined by the size of the marked text area. After you have created the text area, the panel will display the font size you created. You can change font size in two ways:

  1. Move the cursor over a numeric value, then hold the trigger and move the cursor left or right to decrease or increase the font size.

  1. Hover over the numeric value, and click by pressing the Trigger button. A numeric keypad will appear. Enter the desired number using the trigger.


Hover the cursor of your dominant controller over the icon of the text style you want and press the trigger button to apply the style to the text. You can apply multiple styles at the same time.


Hover the cursor of your dominant controller over the icon of the text alignment you want and press the Trigger to apply the alignment to the text.


Hover over a color and press the Trigger button to apply the color to the text.


You can use Gizmo with texts too. Just activate Gizmo and select your text in the space. Read more about Gizmo.

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