Holonotes (BETA)

Please note, that Interactivity, Figma integration, and Holonotes are in beta.

Holonotes - the new revolutionary way to leave comments on your Spaces in ShapesXR.This feature enables you to record the full movements of your avatar in order to guide your audience's attention to what matters spatially.

With Holonotes, you can now easily leave comments for your teammates by recording your avatar, taking the concept of asynchronous design reviews to a whole new level.

How to record a holonote

1. Press the Create button

Open the Holonotes Tool in the menu, and press the Create button (The Plus icon). A viewpoint and a recording screen will appear in front of you.

2. Position viewpoint

Grab the floating viewpoint and position it to where you want the note to be viewed from.

Important! The viewpoint of the holonote tool is different from the regular viewpoint. The viewpoint of the Holonote Tool works both as a preview camera and as the point from which your holonote should be viewed. When the user plays your holonote, they will be teleported to this viewpoint (NOTE: You can disable this action in your settings)

3. Press the Record button

Press the record button on the toolbar or on the viewpoint screen bar to begin recording. After pressing the record button, a three-second countdown begins. Once the countdown is finished, you can start talking or commenting.

4. Press the Stop button

When you're done, press the stop button on the toolbar or on the viewpoint screen bar. After you press the stop button, a holonotes play icon will fly out of the toolbar and appear in front of you. You can grab the play icon and place it anywhere in your space (also, you can use any type of snapping while placing the holonote play icon (world grid, object snapping, snapping to the surface).

A holonote is created for each stage separately.

You can move the viewpoint even after the holonote has been created. To do this, select the desired holonote in the list, a viewpoint for this holonote will appear in the space. Grab it and move it where you need it.

When you create a second and subsequent holonote, the function to recreate the setup from your currently selected note becomes available to you. To do this, select the desired holonote in the list, then click the create button (Plus icon), and the duplicate button will appear on the panel. Click it, and the holonote will be recorded with the same position of viewpoint and settings as the holonote you have selected.

How to play a holonote

You can play holonotes in several ways:

1. The Holonote Play Icon

You can play the holonote by hovering over the Holonote Play Icon and pressing on it using the Trigger button. You will be teleported to the viewing point set by the owner of the holonote. (If teleportation is not disabled in the settings).

2. From the list of holonotes on the toolbar

Hover over a holonote from the list, and a play button will appear. Press this button with the trigger button. You will be teleported to the viewing point set by the owner of the holonote. (If teleportation is not disabled in the settings).

3. From the preview screen

Hover over a holonote from the list, and press the play button on the preview screen. You will be able to view the holonote with a preview screen (also rewind the holonote), from your current position without teleporting to the holonote viewpoint.

How to remove holonote

There are two ways to remove a holonote:

1. You can grab the Holonote Play Icon and throw it away.

2. You can select the holonote you want to delete in the list, then open the submenu on the Preview Screen and click the Delete button.

Manage holonotes and Preview screen

You can manage, configure parameters, and get quick access to your space’s holonotes through the list of holonotes on the holonote toolbar.

Select the desired holonote from the list using the trigger button on the controller. You will have access to a preview screen with additional functions and a submenu of settings for the selected holonote.

Preview screen

You can use the preview screen for fast access to a selected holonote.

1. Play button

You can play the recording from this screen and rewind to a specific time section without teleporting to the viewpoint.

2. Teleport button

The Teleport button is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking this button will teleport you to the viewpoint for the selected holonote.

3. Holonote Submenu

There is also a submenu button on the screen. The submenu contains the following functions:

  1. Volume: You can adjust the volume for the selected holonote.

  2. Rerecord: You can rerecord the selected holonote.

  3. Delete: You can delete the selected holonote.

  4. Rename: You can rename the selected holonote.

Holonotes Tool settings

“Show notes in space” toggle

Toggle is on: Holonotes are always visible in the space. Toggle is off: Holonotes are only visible when the Holonote tool is enabled.

“Auto-teleport on play” toggle

Toggle is on: When user plays the holonote they teleport to the viewpoint set by the user owner of the note. Toggle is off: When user plays the holonote he remains in the place where he is.


Maximum recording duration of one holonote - 2 minutes.

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