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Interactivity (BETA)

Please note, that Interactivity, Figma integration, and Holonotes are in beta.
By adding interactive elements to VR prototypes, designers and developers can test and refine their ideas in a more realistic and engaging way. This can help to identify potential design issues or user experience challenges early on in the development process, saving time and resources in the long run.
Moreover, interactive VR prototypes can also help to showcase the potential of a product or experience to stakeholders or investors, providing a more tangible and immersive demonstration of the concept.

How to add interactivity

To add interactivity you need to activate an interactivity menu from your non-dominant hand by clicking on the lightning icon. In the right-hand corner, you can see interactivity options:
  • On click
  • On hover enter
  • On hover exit
  • After delay
After you choose the required interaction you need to click on the object in your scene that you want to assign that interactivity to.
Then you need to set what stage you want ShapesXR to go to when the chosen interactivity is fulfilled. The interactivity system always defaults to the next stage.
For an After delay interactivity you need to set a delay in seconds.

Tutorial: Interactivity