With snapping you can place objects more accurately on a grid or surfaces of other objects.

Each object has points that you can grab and use to snap that object to any other in the scene

Easy access to grid snapping

The easiest way to use snapping - it's to activate it while holding the object. Grab the object and press the button to activate/disactivate our snapping system.

Modes and step settings

There are 3 modes to use snapping - World mode, Object Mode and Both modes, so you can switch them for you needs for any time very fast.

  1. Use the World Mode to snap objects to the world grid

2. Use the Object Mode to snap an object to other objects. Bring an object close to another object and you will see the points you can snap to.

Use the brush tool to draw straight lines between different snapping

You can also switch the step to work more accurately and efficiently.

Tutorial: Snapping Activation in ShapesXR

Tutorial: Snapping to surface in ShapesXR

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