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Web Dashboard

Dashboard allows you to import, export, share & open spaces created in ShapesXR via a web interface. You can use both computer and mobile browsers.

Sign In

You need an Oculus account to use the website. If you already have ShapesXR on you Quest, then you have Oculus account as well. Press on “Sign in” and you will be redirected to Oculus website where you will need to pair the account with our organization.


To import models and images, upload them using your computer or phone. Upon successful uploading, assets appear in ShapesXR immediately in the import tab of the Creation Tool. More details about ShapesXR import system you can find here.


You can access photos taken in ShapesXR and your exported models - gTLF and USDz files.
To delete a photo, press on three dots that appear when you hover over the image (or tap on mobile), and press Delete.


You can see all of the spaces you have access to. It is sorted by last used in VR. To go to the page of the needed space, just click on its preview.
You can open the space both in the browser (by clicking on the icon on the preview) and in VR.

Open Space

To open spaces of other creators without VR, we also added the ability to view them in the web viewer. To do this, you just need a space code, more details - here.