Colors & Materials

To pick a color or material, use the trigger on the dominant hand. To apply, touch the object and press the trigger again.

Available materials

PBR - physically based rendering
Unlit - making objects unlit, without the environment affecting their colors
Additive - sums up incoming data such as color or transparency
Multiply - multiplies incoming data such as color or transparency
Passthrough - passthrough material with with Wireframe effect.

Passthrough material & Wireframe effect

One of the problems that was found earlier is that the objects on which passthrough material is applied difficult to interact with, as their volume is not felt, and visible through them the image room no longer corresponds to 3D model with the material.
Three objects with passthrough look like one single form
What does it really consist of
After testing different visual solutions (color dimming, fake cubemap with simulated blurry passthrough), we settled on a variant with the Wireframe effect.
For this effect, an additional UV channel, the so-called barycentric coordinates, must be generated for all objects in the scene (from the library and imported custom models).
Since some objects have a non-dense grid (like a cube), we have added a fresnel effect.
We also adapted the resulting visual for different states: selected, highlighted, and locked. And we liked the result so much that we applied it to all the materials.