MR & Passthrough

Create MR experiences easier than ever!
All these features you can find in Additional menu, just select the "eye" icon to open the submenu .

1:1 mode

This is a separate mode with its own interface and options that we implemented to allow users to conveniently and efficiently create MR content for real spaces.
The first and foremost possibility is to calibrate the virtual world to the real world.
Enable Experimental Mode on SideQuest
Before you start using 1:1 mode, please download and install the Sidequest app, connect your headset and enable the experimental mode.
Enable Experimental Mode

Environment setup and offset

If you have not set up your environment, you can do it right in ShapesXR using the start button or simply transfer it. (This is an optional step, so you can refuse in the settings during the setup and continue without it. Also, you can always add walls and other objects through a special button - you can read about this below)
Set the first position with the teleport tool
Edit offset feature, for precise calibration and offset editing
Use floor leveling for a more precise alignment

Real World Layer

We also visualize the walls and objects of the room, if the user has configured them in the Guardian settings (experimental option).
We also added the ability to turn on and off the layer with walls and fittings

Edit mode

In addition to implementing the 1:1 mode, we made an edit mode. It was there in previous iterations, but it was not visually different from the 1:1 mode.
One of the problems that was found earlier, that the user did not realize that he had gone into edit mode. Now its more clear and convenient.

Activation passthrough mode

In previous iterations, when 1:1 mode was activated, passthrough always worked and could not be activated separately.
In the new iteration, we decided to separate these options and allow users to use 1:1 mode and passthrough separately. This gives more control to the user and variations of combining these options.
You can set the visualization of the mode both through the main MR menu and through the lighting settings menu (permanent passthrough rendering).