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Unity Plugin

ShapesXR Unity Integration Manual

The Unity plugin allows importing ShapesXR's spaces in Unity Editor. You can add interactivity, replace models, add a particle system, and so on.
It's not possible to export spaces back to ShapesXR.


2. Install the required Unity version
ShapesXR Unity Integration is guaranteed to work with Unity 2021.3.16f1.
To install this version: Install Unity Hub from the official Unity Page (click “Download Unity Hub” button). If you already have it installed - skip to the next step.
Copy and paste this link to your web browser and press Enter: unityhub://2021.3.16f1/6cf78cb77498 Click “Open Unity Hub” if prompted. It will open Unity Hub and start installing the correct Unity version. Alternatively you can go to Unity Download Archive, locate the correct version (Unity 2021.3.16) and click the “Unity Hub” link next to it.
3. Create a project
Open the Unity Hub and click the arrow icon next to “New” button, then choose the Unity version we’ve just installed (2021.3.16f1)
Choose the “3D” template, set the project name and location, then click “Create”
4. Import Shapes Unity Integration Package
Once Unity opens, go to Window -> TextMeshPro -> Import TMP Essential Resources
Click Import in the opened window
It is recommended (but not mandatory) to set the Linear color space to make sure that imported colors are correct. To do so go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings and set Color Space to Linear. If you need the Gamma color space you can skip this step.
Go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package and select the ShapesXR Unity Integration package you’ve downloaded
Click “Import” in the next window


To import your space you have to open the importer window by going to ShapesXR -> Importer. You can dock this window wherever you want (e.g. next to Inspector tab)
In the importer window put your access code (6 characters) into the input field and click the “Import Space” button. Access is not case sensitive.
After the space is imported, you will see a new gameobject on the scene representing your space
You can also expand the “Settings” panel in the importer window to change the imported data storage directory, material import mode and the material mapper. Material mapper allows you to use your custom shaders instead of the built-in ones. Open any material mapper asset in the inspector to see how you can map your own materials if needed. Built-In and URP material mappers are included in the package by default.
Space gameobject has all the stages and viewpoints inside it. It also has a “Space Descriptor” script that allows you to see the access code, quickly cycle through stages, and reimport (with complete wipe) your space. You can safely remove this component in case you don’t need this functionality.

GLB/GLTF formats support

Please note that we don’t support multiple texture per material as of yet and your models must comply with import recommendations for best results.
You can import GLB/GLTF models from your space to Unity.
Add a name for shader property for your main texture.

Tutorial: Unity Plugin for ShapesXR

Update history

  • Plugin upgraded to Unity 2021.
  • It’s still possible to use the plugin in Unity 2020 with .Net 4.x compartibility enabled in player settings.
  • Removed plugin libraries from the build. Plugin is used only in editor and will not interfere with building.
  • Fixed an issue with colored text not being imported correctly
  • Added support for GLB/GLTF formats.